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    From Poka v2 v2.0.5 and above there is a new settings page called “Translations” and you can find it under Theme settings.

    In this new page you can easily change the “Review” post type slug in the URL and the text in Play and Review buttons.

    All Poka v2 sites display their reviews under the URL structure domain/review/review-title, now with the field “Review post type slug” you can add your own custom review slug.
    For example: domain/casino/review-title

    Also you can easily change the text of the most common buttons in the site: “Play!”, “Play now” and “Review” from the Translations page.

    Poka v2 uses WordPress official translations management system using PO/MO files and if you want to completely translate your site to a different language this is the way to go.
    By using the options in Translations settings overrides PO/MO files, if you want to use PO/MO files just leave the buttons fields in translation settings empty.

    More information about creating/editing language packs

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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