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    In Poka theme we use gettext libraries and tools for i18n which are the WordPress standards.

    Inside Poka theme folder /languages you can find the .mo and .po files for each language.

    Currently we have the following language packs:

    • English
    • Norwegian (BokmÃ¥l)
    • Swedish

    You can change the language of your site from Setting -> General -> Site Language.

    You can change any translation you want from current language packs or create a new one for your language with the following method:

    • Download a gettext file editor like poedit and install it.
    • If you want to edit a current language open the .po file.
    • If you want to create a new language pack duplicate the en_US.po and rename it to your country’s locale (you can find it from here)
    • Edit the .po file with the translations you want and then simply save your work. This will save the changes to .po file but also update the .mo file which is used by WordPress.
    • Upload your .po and .mo files to poka theme folder /languages
    • Select your language from Setting -> General -> Site Language


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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