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    Michael Murphy

    Change log shows no updates since 2019 and it’s 2021 already, is this plugin still supported and developed?

    Suggestion for the company owners – develop the product, and raise the price. Also please add the new tables and cta’s that are in the poka theme to the poka review plugin.


    Hi Michael!

    Thanks for your suggestions! 🙂
    First of all the plugin works fine with current WordPress versions.
    We plan to release a new version but due work load we keep postponing it..
    Sorry for the delay, we will try our best to release a new version soon!

    Michael Murphy

    Working fine and being actively developed are two different things. Don’t you think in two years some updates are warranted at this point?

    And specifically – I personally won’t use it until better table/cta’s are put in – the new ones on the poka theme look great and I’m confused as to why you wouldn’t included them.

    Specifically these:


    There is no reason for those not to be included in the review plugin, please include them as soon as possible and give us an update as to when that might be?

    Btw I emailed about this – no reply. I continue to be a paying customer who has never even installed the product – supporting your company hoping to see some active development.

    Michael Murphy

    Bump – email wasn’t replied too, so I’ll keep communicating here. Are you willing to bring these features into the review plugin or not? I think most customers are led to believe that the review plugin has the same features as the theme does as far as review features and templates go. Seems like this would be an easy improvement to what is now in all appearance an abandoned project. Prove me wrong?

    Michael Murphy

    You marked this as resolved without answering my very specific questions. It’s not resolved. It’s looking more and more like this is confirmation of an abandoned product.


    Hi Michael. I understand what you mean. Let me first tell you again that the Plugin is compatible even with the latest version on WordPress and there are no marked bugs from users. If they were, we would release an update.

    Now about the new Table, you’re right. We should release an update with the new Table and maybe even more new layouts and visual settings.

    We will release a new version in two weeks from now and I will update you when the new version will be released.

    Finally about Support, no product is abandoned. Check the forums and you will see that we reply to support tickets on a daily basis.

    New Poka Themes will be released in the future but right now we can’t because we are full doing custom Themes for clients.

    I hope this covers your questions.

    Michael Murphy

    That’s great news! Two weeks is fast, and I’m certain you will gain more customers as a result. Raise the price, I’m happy to pay quite a bit more for a well built product with active development. I certainly understand being busy – I will be excited when this improvement releases!

    Thanks for taking my suggestions, I truly appreciate it.

    Michael Murphy

    Checking in on the two week mark 🙂 Any updated ETA on this? I appreciate it.


    I cancelled the annual update fee on this plugin as I also thought it was abandoned. Lots of promises that never materialise. Always the same old excuses that they are so busy with custom themes for clients. Aren’t plugin and theme subscribers also clients?

    I contacted Antonis via email a few months back for a quote on a custom theme, he responded with some prices but has ignored all further correspondence. So, I somehow don’t believe that you guys are too busy with custom themes when you don’t seem to keen on accepting new orders.

    I also see he no longer bothers to respond to his thread on the GPWA forum ( so from that point of view all Poka products do seem to be abandoned.


    PokaTheme and all the other Themes are already updated a few days ago. We are still working on the new Poka Review Plugin update and we will upload it in a few days.

    Nothing has been abandoned and never will. We are fully active Supporting the Themes, building custom Themes and trying to find the time and resources to develop new things that are on our list. For example we will release a GEO Plugin and a Free Games Plugin. Both products are almost done and we’re doing some final things to them before we release them.

    PokaTheme is updated and works perfectly in the latest WordPress version.

    @Draftdob you’re right on one thing. Yes, we focus more on custom themes for clients. This is the way it is. This doesn’t mean that we’re “abandoning” Pokatheme.

    I know we promised a lot of things, but we’re a small team and can’t catch up with all the work that is coming through.

    We are really trying our best.-

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 31 total)
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