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    Hello guys.

    I bought your theme and I’m trying to customize it but having some problems.

    I started by using your Visual Settings option but there is a lack of features so I went directly to the CSS file.
    In the beggining, I was able to change colors etc but now nothing happens when I refresh the page.

    Tried to deactivate all plugins but it didn’t fixed.
    I changed some lines on CSS file (have some little knowledge) and it was fine.

    But now, I can’t even change de blue color.

    I already deleted and upload the default CSS file but it did not work.

    Can you help?

    Additional, I would like to remove the zoom effect on logo images. Is it possible?
    How can I do that?



    Hi seogmr,

    In which CSS file did you made the changes? Have you uploaded the poka child theme and add your CSS styles in child theme styles.css?
    Most probably there is some kind of caching in your site and this is the reason you don’t see the changes.
    Please give us more details and will find a way! 🙂



    I was able to find the solution, thanks.

    I have some other questions, maybe I can use this topic to get some help:

    – I uploaded a 460x98px logo and set the max width to 230px, so it would look good on mobile. However, it resizes to 230×48.99px (and not 49px) giving it a pixelated look. What can I do? I tested some CSS but nothing worked.

    – I want to remove the login/register section but I would like to allow guests to vote. How can I do that? I was able to override the votes count and rating but if I remove the section when people click on the star there is a redirection to the bottom of the page and they will not be able to vote (which is bad because they will knew reviews are fake).

    – Is it possible to change “review” slug? I translated your theme but slug keeps the same. Not mandatory but it would be nice to change it to my language as well.

    – Is it possible to add text or any other information to the page Where can I do that?

    Really liked your theme, very useful for affiliates.
    Maybe you would want to add more options in future themes, like more typography options (more fonts and more customizable – different fonts for heading, body, buttons, etc).

    Thanks! Have a nice week.


    Hi seogmr!

    Below you’ll find my answers:

    1. The only solution to this is to change your original uploaded logo width/height in order resize better. This is just CSS/responsive issue and not related to Poka theme.
    2. Voting in Poka is working only with registered users to avoid false votes. This can be done custom. If you need this you can contact us in the support email.
    3. Sure, check this guide :
    4. You can remove the archive page from the /review/ so you can create your own custom /review/ page.

    Thank you for your suggestions! We take all your feedback in great consideration!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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