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    Cesar Farias

    Hi there I’m having a hard time setting up my links.

    I do google ads and i need to pass some parameters example ?s1=campaign&s2=adgroup&s3=blah
    and my current affiliate link is like

    so when i go to for example

    I need my affiliate links to be like

    And i cant figure it out how to fix it, i need some help asap.


    Hi Cesar,

    In the Affiliates CPT you can pass the affiliate you have with it’s parameters without any issue. The link that the user will see is just different, but they will be redirected to your affiliate link in the end.

    Cesar Farias

    No it didn’t work for me.

    Here is my site: and i will be adding random parameters on the site example

    and then i’d like to for example the casino luckia below has the link of and the affiliate link inside luckia which iis to add

    So basically i need, pass (add) the whole query string to the affiliate link. does it make sense?

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    Cesar Farias

    No… but isn’t working. I have a developer trying to make it work but is just giving more headaches…

    So currently this is what is happening. if I access this page for example, my play now buttons are all sending to affiliate links wihtout passing the campaign and ad parameters.

    For example on i’d like them to go to however it isn’t passing thru.


    Hi Cesar,

    The functionality you are describing is something that is not built in the PokaTheme. It can be built but only custom.
    If you already have a developer working on this then you’ll find a workaround. If you have specific technical question regarding PokaTheme I’ll be happy to help.

    Cesar Farias

    And the options of
    You can use this hook to add custom attributes to affiliate link buttons.
    Example Snippet:
    function my_override_function() {
    return ‘rel=”nofollow” ‘;

    Isn’t that to add parameters? Or only add atributes. like onclick= target= etc?



    This filter can be used to add new attributes to the affiliate button. It doesn’t alter the “href” of the button.
    From what I can understand you want make changes to the affiliate URL.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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