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    Man Sh

    First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on the latest update – the table list V2 looks AWESOME.

    I’d like to ask how I can display stars, cons and review button there as well?
    I genuinely love the look of it and it would be a waste to not take advantage of this update.

    Here’s what I mean. Currently I’m using this shortcode (Pokatheme + Forexoptions as a child)

    [table_list_v2 num=”-1” sort=”rating” logo_aff_link=”true” show_counter=”true” show_freespins=”true” show_rating=”true” show_table_sorting=”true”]

    But it’s not displaying the Star rating at the moment.

    Is there a way to get it to work as the picture below with:
    (1) Star rating
    (2) Cons
    (3) Read Review button

    Table List V2

    Thanks in advance.



    Thanks for your kind words!
    The rating and the review link should be displayed exactly like in our demo:
    But in order to display cons instead of pros the only way at the moment is if you make your own custom changes to the shortcode.
    Basically it should be displayed just like in our demo, I’m not sure why you see it like in your screenshot..
    Can you send me a link to check it?

    Man Sh
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    I’m glad that you it worked now!
    The only way to replace “pros” column at the moment with “cons” is to overwrite the shortcode in your child theme and change the ‘pros’ -> ‘cons’ custom field name.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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