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    Radimir Radev

    Hi team,

    We have an issue when using one of the short codes on our multi languages site. We have a number of languages/countries in a subfolders using WMPL.

    As we have the same casinos/brands for most of the countries the short code single_affiliate title=” ” conflicts with the name of the casinos. What that means is that it picks the latest review with the same casino name and applies it to any other language/country where exists instead of being applied only to the particular subfolder. Can this be amended with using the review codes instead of names eg. reviews=”” or review=””. This is a very good and important shortcode for our layout but the conflict with the names makes it difficult to use.

    Many thanks!


    Hi Radimir!

    There is also an id parameter available you can use.
    For example: [single_affiliate id=”232″]
    You should pass the ID of the review you want to show.

    (This is available from version 3.1.3 and afterwards if you are using an older version and it doesn’t work)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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