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    Bet Latino


    I’m having an issue with have the Icons All of them pretty much either don’t show or come out as weird symbols.
    I’ve tried to fix it myself the past 2 days but no luck. Un-installed, re-installed etc.

    Here’s a screenshot of the how the ratings Stars and the arrow next to it are showing up.


    Hope everyone is safe too!



    From PokaTheme ver 3.2.0 and above we removed FontAwesome library from the theme for several reasons and now all the icons are from our custom Poka font library.
    If you have make any custom changes in your child theme that used the FontAwesome library you have to update them with the new icons.
    In case you haven’t made any custom changes and you just have installed PokaTheme 3.2.1 without the child and you don’t see any icons send me a link of your site so I can check it.

    Bet Latino

    Didnt do any custom changes, Sent you a login so you can check it out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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