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    Felix Kuhlmann

    Hello guys and sorry for my bad english. It is not my primary language tho. I ve got a question: I am using a few banners on different pages (e.g. like for my FAQ part.

    For some reason, if I choose a picture from the + button (see screenshot: the connection of the browser is then not safe and is showing a orange exclamation mark (

    But this is not the way for an article and a post image. If I chosse a post image for an article, its working fine without the orange exclamation mark. (

    Can someone explain that to me? Why is this happening for a “page” but not for an “article”? And no, its not working if I choose the post image for the page instead of the “+” and select “Picture”.

    Best regards and thank you very much


    Hi Felix,

    For some reason there is a non-SSL connection that is causing this SSL error.
    Probably your WP is not configured correctly, I believe you should contact your hosting company to assist you.

    Felix Kuhlmann

    Hi and Thank you for your reply. This orange exclamation mark is only occuring, when I select a picture from a page I edit. All other stuff is fine (articles). Even if I choose a picture from “set post image” of an article. Thats kinda strange and could not find out how to fix it. I have no problem with my wordpress in general. I guess its the fact that the mediathek is uploading the files in http and not https

    But thanky anyway 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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