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    Emre Goktas

    Hi guys,

    My hosting and WPML support has been investigating the issue for a long time. I’ve decided to ask it here – when I add a translation the translations come as page not found 404 until I change/save the permalinks. When I change/save the permalinks then the source language is giving 404 error.

    Do you think you can help me with that as I cannot translate the theme so far with WPML?



    Hi Emre,

    This is issue is regarding the Reviews CPT of the theme or also in pages/posts?
    I believe it is normal when you add a new language to have to refresh your permalinks. But after the refresh the default language is not working at all? So the whole site is giving in every situation 404 error?


    Emre Goktas

    Hi admin,

    The issue is regarding Reviews. For example en/review/mr-green is working while de/erfahrungen/mr-green is not. or the other way around when the permalinks updated. so far, the posts/pages are functional and working properly. Only the reviews causing errors. I’d love to get your support if there is anything you can do about that.


    Samuel Gramstad

    I’ve got this exact same issue, somehow i’m unable to access the reviews.


    Emre Goktas

    Hi again guys, it is turned out to be a theme issue. I’ve tried on another theme, everything is working smoothly, as I mentioned all of the translation of page/posts elements also working correctly on Poka Theme. I’ve only issues on review elements. It is damaging the website as hell. Can I get instant support on that, please?



    Hi everyone!

    I had a look on this issue and the problem is how you did the translation of the slug of the reviews CPT.
    I believe that you used the field “Review post type slug” from Theme Settings -> Translations in order to add different slugs for each language?

    The correct way with WPML is to leave the “Review post type slug” field empty for all the languages in Theme Settings (It is very important to be empty in every language in order to use the default “review” slug).

    After that you go to WPML -> Settings -> Post Type Translation .
    You find the “Reviews” and make it “Translatable – only show translated items”.
    Under this option you’ll find another option called “Set different slugs in different languages for Reviews.”.
    With this option you’ll be able to add different slugs for the CPT “Reviews”.

    I tested it and it works just fine!


    Emre Goktas

    Awesome! That is the solution, thanks a lot!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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