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    After a while of using pokatheme v.2 right now I’m unable to choose created a new or use old Affiliate link for my new Review. The field of “Affiliate link” in EDIT REVIEW page (wich have to be like text field, where I can write affliate link name) is locked. I can’t write any letter or choose the link from my Affiliate link’s list.
    With previously created Reviews the same problem. Affiliate link field shows the link name, which was assigned, but it can’t be changed, it’s locked.
    Any suggestions what happen?

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    The “Affiliate link” dropdown displays all the affiliate links you have created in “Affiliate links” CPT so you can use multiple times the same Affiliate link and you don’t have to add the affiliate link in each review.

    If you are having trouble with this dropdown please check if you have created “Affiliate links” so the dropdown can have results or maybe a plugin is causing a conflict.



    I’ve the same problem.

    It happened after the hosting upgraded to WordPress 5.0 automatically. There’re many aff. links and reviews on my panel but i cant choose any of my on Review section.

    I’v tried to install Classic Editor plugin, but it didnt solve the problem.



    The “Affiliate link” dropdown should displays all the affiliate links I have created in “Affiliate links” CPT (and I know, I can use multiple times the same Affiliate link and I don’t have to add the affiliate link in each review), but the “Affiliate link” dropdown is locked/inactive. This is the main problem I have. If I creating a new Review, I can’t choose any of my affiliate links on Review section.
    PS. I think it happened after the automatically update to WordPress 5.0.

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    Hi everyone!

    What versions of Poka v2 are you using?
    Maybe if you are using a very old version of Poka is causing the issue or another plugin in your installation.

    Please update your Poka v2 to the latest version v2.0.5 and if the issue is still there, send us an admin account of your site to check it!



    Thanks for the advice. I have older version v2.0.3. Could you please tell me steps how to update to the latest v2.0.5 version? I want to avoid any mistakes. Thanks in advance!




    Just connect with FTP in your site and overwrite the folder poka_v2 inside themes folder with the new version.
    After the upload if you have any custom visual settings in your theme go to the “Visual Settings” options page and click “Save” in order to re generate the styles of your theme.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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