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    Leon Reaboi

    Hi guys,

    I’ve been trying to add grid with many posts by following you instructions regarding shortcodes but for some reason I can display only 1 posts.
    I have created categories and also the slug for it.

    this is the shortcode I’ve been trying to use

    [latest_news num=”” cat=”” read_more_text=”” descr_excerpt=”” descr_length=”” ]

    I have tried many variations playing with num=-1, num=20 and etc…
    I have also added the correspondent category slug.

    Can you please assist?



    Hi Leon,

    You have to add only the parameters you need, if you don’t want a parameter then you just don’t add it, you shouldn’t add it as empty val.
    For example if you add the following you should see the 6 latest posts from all the categories:

    And if you want to display more posts then add the parameter you want to change.
    For example:
    `[latest_news num=”9″]`

    I hope I helped!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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