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    João Meleiro

    Hello there team,

    How can i disable the meta for my articles? I’ve managed to find how to do it on the category page, but the theme doesn’t have the option to disable the article meta as well. (views, date, author etc…)

    Check attachment:


    Hi João,

    Do you want to completely remove the area you highlighted in your screenshot?

    You could do this either using CSS (this will hide it but not remove it from the code) or PHP (if you want to totally remove it).

    João Meleiro

    Hello team,

    Thanks how can I hide it? Can you give me a small step by step?



    Hi Joao,

    1. Go to Appearance > Themes and Install the child theme ( that you got with your purchase
    2. Activate the child theme
    3. Open your child theme style.css and paste the following CSS code inside:

    .single-post-wrapper .post-element-info { display: none; }

    4. Save the new style.css and upload it inside the theme folder to your site

    Then the area you wanted to hide should not show up!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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