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    So let’s say that there was a page/post that was deleted.
    A visitor clicks on a dead link.

    What happens now is that the visitor will see an empty page only with header + footer. There’s no error message or link, anything.
    I’m not seeing in the Pokatheme settings any way to deal with this.

    The point is: how can I add some sort of content to display to a visitor coming to a page that no longer exists (Sorry, the page is no longer available, please check our homepage) or how to at least make an automated redirect to the homepage?



    Hi Marius!

    If a page doesn’t exist, PokaTheme throws a “Page not found” page (this is done by default in WordPress).

    You can add a custom 404 page template inside our child theme, by creating a 404.php file inside the child theme folder and inside there write your HTML/PHP. Or you could use a plugin that does this job. You always have the option to reach out to to add a new feature to your PokaTheme site.

    About the Redirects, you can use the Redirection plugin: or (if you use Yoast Premium) you can use the Redirect manager:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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