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    ido mosseri


    Im using the poka theme to my site and yesterday I bouught the review plugin.
    Now I am having 2 issues that I don’t know what to do:

    1. I have duplicate reviews section – one from the main theme and one from the plugin. the one from the theme has brands in it, the second one is empty. I dont want duplicates – how to handle it? do I need to remove the reviews I already have? (see image :

    2. when entering to edit or create content such as reviews (both new and old) / article have multiple and duplicate elemet blocks on the page that making the work really difficult – why is that? How I can fix it? see Images::

    I tried to reinstall the plugin (and other plugins) – and nothing helped

    Appreciate your help (and work)



    Hi Ido,

    Poka Review Plugin wasn’t built to work with PokaTheme because PokaTheme already has the affiliate functionality built in but instead it was created to work with themes lacking affiliate functionality.
    If you don’t plan to use the plugin in any other site without PokaTheme and you want a refund please let me know!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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