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    Man Sh

    After a few weeks going back and forth, I decided to let you know about my case with the recent schema markup update.

    I’ve started to get errors marked on my pages. The testing tool shows no problems, however, the one inside analytics is really starting to let me down.

    Every review was marked as error. After I implemented the latest changes to PokaTheme and reapplied for it to be checked by webmasters, they started being marked as “Others” and completely disappear from my records.

    Analytics from Before and After the update

    The Errors are marked as “Passed” but still have errors in them.

    In the next reply I will provide you with link to the issue and a few more screenshots.

    Please advise.

    Man Sh

    No changes have been made to the Core or the Child theme apart from some CSS edits.

    The update prior the latest one seemed to have resolved the issue before google introduced this latest schema update, which totally broke my website.

    My traffic is down tremendously and I can no longer rank for any rich snippets.

    Please advise.

    EDIT: for some reason I can’t set a post as a private one. In a private post I will include a link of the console and other screenshots.

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    Man Sh



    From your last screenshot I can see that the error is at the type of itemReviewed which is “Product”.
    This was before the Google change and now in the last version of PokaTheme it is changed to “Organization” which is correct.
    So this is an old error and now it is fixed, this is why in the table screen you see it as “Passed”.
    In Google Console the passed errors take a while to be removed and you see them with the label “Passed”.

    Also I don’t believe that Google has different validation tools, so if it validates to then it will be fine also to Google Console.

    So I believe your recent traffic loss is due to another reason and not due to the Structured data of the theme.
    I checked your site (I saw it from the screens) and indeed there is no structured data error in the validator but I noticed that you have added additional structured data other than the theme default so maybe you should also check your plugins.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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