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    Giovanni Porto

    Hello, I want to fix the issue from accessibility of Google lightouse:

    div.text-area > div.carousel > div.owl-nav > button.owl-prev
    <button type=”button” role=”presentation” class=”owl-prev”>
    div.text-area > div.carousel > div.owl-nav > button.owl-next
    <button type=”button” role=”presentation” class=”owl-next”>

    and add the arialabel attribute in this way:
    <button type=”button” role=”presentation” class=”owl-prev” aria-label=”Previous”>
    <button type=”button” role=”presentation” class=”owl-next” aria-label=”Next”>

    Where is the file with this code for edit and fix this issue?


    Hi Gianluca,

    Unfortunately you can’t change this because this comes from Owl Carousel which was the external library we used to use for PokaTheme 3 for carousels.

    For latest versions you won’t have this issue.

    Giovanni Porto

    Ok thanks


    You’re welcome!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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