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    Mustafa Neslioglu

    poka theme FAQ fields not showing in the FAQ section and when I am checking the screen option in WordPress I only see “slug” checkbox I do not see any FAQ fields checkbox so I can not create any FAQ questions or answers. Is there any solution for this?


    Hi Mustafa,

    You need to go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > General and make sure that “Enable FAQs” is enabled.

    Then, go back to the Dashboard and you should see the “FAQs” post type under “Affiliate Links”.

    From there you can add new FAQs, by adding rows into the “FAQ fields”.

    And then you can display them anywhere you want using the “PokaTheme FAQ” block.

    You may also check our Documentation on it:

    Let us know if you still face issues with this.

    Mustafa Neslioglu

    The FAQs is already enabled from Theme settings and I can see the FAQs section under Affiliate links but when I click to create new FAQ I just can fill the title , there are no FAQ fields showing.
    I am then clicking the screen options in the FAQ page in WordPress and I see just one checkbox which is Slug, where there should be 2 checkboxes , Slug and FAQs Fields.

    Do you have any suggestions to fix this?


    Hi again Mustafa,

    Do you use PokaTheme 3 or PokaTheme 4?

    In case you use PokaTheme 3 (this is what I understand), do you have the “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin active? If you do, try to deactivate it and let me know if the issue is fixed.

    If you still face issues, we will need you to give us access to your site to login and investigate further.

    Mustafa Neslioglu

    I am using Poka theme 4 and there is no “Advanced Custom Fields” installed.
    If you want access please let me know which email should I use to share access details with you?


    Send us an email to and we will handle it.

    Thank you!


    Hi there,

    I’m facing the exact same issue,

    I am using Pokatheme 4.04 and there is no “Advanced Custom Fields” installed, I cannot add ay row when I ceeate a new FAQ, just the title.

    Could you share how this problem was solved?



    OK I just found how to do solve that.

    Unchecking / re-checking the Enable FAQs checkbox in the customizer and publish did the trick.


    Hi Jean-Sebastien,

    Thanks for letting us know!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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