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    Hi, I have changed the Table v2 default shortening by date to “desc” on main.js file. Yet if I click short by Date on my site it still shorts the casinos ASC (oldest -> newest). So my question is what else should I modify to make it work?

    if ($that.hasClass(“btn-sort-name”)) {
    sortType = sortName;
    tableDefaultOrder = “asc”;
    } else if ($that.hasClass(“btn-sort-rating”)) {
    sortType = sortRating;
    tableDefaultOrder = “desc”;
    } else if ($that.hasClass(“btn-sort-date”)) {
    sortType = sortDate;
    tableDefaultOrder = “desc”;



    I believe the issue is that you probably made the change to main.js but PokaTheme in production mode uses scripts.all.min.js for better performance.

    You need to create the new scripts.all.min.js file using Grunt and running “grunt uglify”. The Gruntfile.js is included in the theme.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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