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    Alexander Westlund


    Can’t manage to set the positions the way I want in the ranking list.

    This is the original code: [table_list big_table=“true” num=15 sort=“rating”]

    However, according to the documentation, you should be able to sort by reviews: reviews​ : If you want to display specific reviews you can list them by their ID in this parameter separated by comma. When this parameter is used overrides all the other parameters.
    For example: 12,20,22,21

    First question, where do I find each Affiliate ID? is it the name?

    Second question, How should the code look like if I want to be able to decide/change position? Something like this??=
    [table_list big_table=“true” num=15 =reviews”1,15,14,13,12,11,10,2,3,4,5,9,8,7,6”]


    Hi Alexander,

    When you are editing a review you can see the ID of the review in the URL. For example: `post=238`
    So if you want to display specific reviews in a table you can do the following:
    `[table_list big_table=“true” reviews”1,15,14,13,12,11,10,2,3,4,5,9,8,7,6”]`
    (The num parameter is not going to be used because the number of the reviews is controlled by the specific IDs you have passed to “reviews”)
    (You can select the order by changing the order to the passed IDs)

    Alexander Westlund

    [table_list big_table=“true” reviews”116,120,232,113,117,403,401,35,584,238,230,514,505,487,236”]


    In your last message you are missing a “=”
    `[table_list big_table=“true” reviews=”116,120,232,113,117,403,401,35,584,238,230,514,505,487,236”]`

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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