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    ver. 3.0.0


    New features

    • Ratings now support decimals and in the front end the displayed rating also shows half star when available. ( The half star can be disabled with a hook. More at documentation)
    • Terms and conditions feature is now added to the theme. In Theme Settings you will find a new tab called “Terms and Conditions” where you’ll find all the settings regarding this feature. You can disable this feature completely and choose if you want a tooltip when the user hovers the terms and condition text. Also in every review under the tab “Review additional info” you will find a new textarea called “Terms and conditions text” where you can add the terms text for each review independally.

    Improvements / bug fixes

    • Equal heights JS code is removed completely and equal columns are made with Flex instead for better performance and less DOM repaints.
    • “Search for” text added translation.
    • AMP templates can be overridden in child theme.
    • Added nofollow attribute to social media links.
    • Social share popup windows fix for size and position.
    • Due to termination of Google+ service we removed every Google+ link/option from the theme.
    • New parameter for the shortcode [table_list] called “logo_aff_link” in order to make the permalink of the logo the affiliate link instead of the review link.
    • Affiliate redirect is been optimized with a better SQL query.
    • The main menu in AMP templates now supports multi level dropdowns.
    • Bug – In full width sections dynamic margin / paddings are fixed.
    • Bug – Title attributes in breadcrumbs are fixed in categories and single post templates.
    • AMP version of reviews now have custom structured data that are similar with the structured data in review pages.
    • Structured data are reorganized and changed from Microdata to JSON-LD because this is the Google preferred data type for structured data.
    • All custom fields toggles have better UI.
    • Now all the static files of the theme can be overridden in a child theme by simply keeping the same folder structure. No need to wp_dequeue_style first and then wp_enqueue_style as it was before.
    • There is a new function called “poka_affiliate_url_return” that is responsible for the affiliate link structure and can be overridden in child theme if any changes need to be made.
    • In mobile menu the “Search” string is now translatable.
    • For the main stylesheet after each save the version of this file changes in order to avoid caching issues because these styles are generated from the Dashboard / Visual Settings.
    • Static files, CSS/JS are now minified and concatenated in production mode for better speed scores.
    • The styles of theme are re-generated after theme activation.
    • Better support for Elementor (Compatibility mode is removed now).
    • Improved loading times and better fonts support with the added font-display property to Google fonts.
    • When no need for jQuery to be at the header is moved to the end of the document for improved loading times. (If a plugin requires jQuery at the top then it is automatically added to the header instead)
    • If Gutenberg is disabled then the ‘wp-block-library’ is removed from the front end for improved loading times.

    ver. 3.0.1


    • Fixed bug in ratings to the second reviews taxonomy template.
    • The shortcode [upsdowns id=””] now has a new parameter called “id” for use outside the review template.
    • The alt tags are improved in the shortcode [screenshots_carousel].
    • There is a new option in the fonts dropdown for “Default system fonts”.
    • A few IE10 improvements
    • SCSS library updated for better performance

    ver. 3.1.0


    • Font base size added to Visual Settings in order to make all the fonts of the theme smaller/larger from a single option!
    • Affiliate links now have new fields for different mobile affiliate URL. Also you can have different onclick event for the mobile version. This way you can have separate URLs / onclick events for desktop/mobile.
    • In every Post/Page/Review there is a new field for header background image. You can override the header background image of the homepage for each post/page/review separately.
    • In Visual Settings new option to hide featured images in posts.
    • Font Awesome is removed from the theme for better compatibility with various plugins and speed improvement. Although you can choose to include it with an option in Theme General Settings if you are using any of their icons in your site.
    • New option for sticky sidebar in Visual Settings.
    • New parameter for the shortcode [latest_news ajax_load_more=”true”] called “ajax_load_more” so the users can load more posts with ajax.
    • New option in Theme General Options to allow unregistered user to vote.
    • Various bug fixes and improvements
    • ACF library updated to the latest version.

    ver. 3.1.1


    • Reviews JSON-LD fixed error in Google Structured data testing tool
    • Deleted function poka_get_affiliate_link due to depreciation
    • Small improvement in affiliate redirect function
    • Small improvement in svg rating icons in JS for better extensibility

    ver. 3.1.2


    • Reviews JSON-LD fixed error in Google Structured data testing tool due to changes in requirements by Google

    ver. 3.1.3


    • Improved RTL support.
    • Fixed bug in shortcode [latest_news] when inside a post content there was a [table_list].
    • In shortcodes [single_affiliate_freespins] [single_affiliate] [single_affiliate_xl] a new parameter added for the ID of the review called “id”.
    • Fixed Elementor preview bug.
    • Fixed “date” sort parameter from ASC -> DESC in order to show the latest reviews on the top.
    • AMP layouts fixes.
    • A new parameter is added to the [table_list] shortcode called “css_class” for adding extra classes to the table for easier customization.
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    ver. 3.1.4


    • Improved styling for the shortcode [search_affiliates_ajax] when added in the sidebar.
    • When FontAwesome is disabled the styling of the Affiliate Widget was broken.
    • Full width sections now have specific classes for easier customization.
    • Improved AMP templates include.
    • New hook right after the opening of body called “poka_after_body” for easier scripts embed.
    • New parameter for the [latest_news] shortcode called “read_more_show”, you can read more in the documentation.

    ver. 3.2.0


    • New shortcode [table_list_v2], you can find more information and the parameters of the shortcode in the documentation.
    • FontAwesome completely removed from the theme and a new Poka icons family is created instead.
    • New parameters in the [table_list] shortcode. Please find more information in the documentaion.
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    ver. 3.2.1


    • Fixed icons bug in custom ul lists and in [box_text] icon parameter due to FontAwesome removal.

    ver. 3.2.2


    • ACF caused a PHP warning when WP_DEBUG was enabled, now is updated to the latest version.
    • Improved Elementor support
    • Improved thumbnails implementation for WP 5.5 and lazy loading.
    • A lot of RTL improvements.
    • W3C validation fixes.
    • Improved PageSpeed score for the latest Pagespeed update.
    • Various small fixes and improvements.
Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 21 total)
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