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    ver. 2.0.1


    • Child theme styles includes fix
    • Shortcode [affiliate_link] fixed bug when outside review page
    • Huge speed improvement when saving Visual Settings

    ver. 2.0.2


    • Now you can assign a page as your “Posts page” – (index.php gets a loop)
    • Screenshots part in Review pages in AMP versions are now updated to AMP Carousel
    • Fixed empty alt tags in two affiliate shortcodes
    • Text in shortcode [single_affiliate] now gets trimmed for a nicer look when used in columns
    • Some depreciated ACF functions are now replaced
    • Links in text area now inherit text color
    • Fixed notice in new Review page when rating didn’t have value
    • Small fixes/improvements in various parts of the theme

    ver. 2.0.3


    • In both Affiliate Widgets you can now set a list of specific reviews to be displayed in a custom order. (This new option overrides all the other options when it is used)
    • In shortcodes [table_list] and [affiliates_list] there is a new parameter called “reviews” where you can enter a list of specific reviews to be displayed in a specific order. When this parameter is used overrides all the other parameters.
    • The latest version of AMP plugin (0.6.0) broke AMP page template in Poka Theme, it’s fixed now.
    • Admin bar is now displayed by default. If you want to disable it you can go to your user profile edit page and uncheck “Show Toolbar when viewing site”.
    • In footer widget columns when there was only one column the padding was off the grid, it’s fixed now.
    • Poka redirect function can now be overwritten in child themes for more flexibility.
    • Shortcode [box_text] can now have other shortcodes inside it’s content
    • In custom affiliate widgets the color of the order number was hardcoded, now it changes depending the “blue” color.
    • Added responsive media steps in child theme style.css for reference.
    • In shortcode [latest_news] a new parameter is added for the “Read all news” text. Now it is [latest_news num=”” cat=”” read_more_text=””]
    • Tinymce static assets (js,css) are fixed with correct versioning and the filter “poka_static_version” is now used like the rest of static files of the theme

    ver. 2.0.4


    • Shortcode [latest_news] gets two new parameters, “descr_excerpt” and “descr_length”. You can read more about these new parameters in Documentation v2.
    • Shortcode [latest_news] gets links to image thumbnails.
    • Shortcode [news_boxes] images optimization for better speed results.
    • CSS bug: WP caption element lost it’s responsiveness in the latest version of WordPress. Fixed.
    • Added a few missing translations
    • PHP bug: In shortcode [table_list] when the parameter reviews is used couldn’t show more than 10 reviews. Fixed.
    • Social Media link now open in new window tab.
    • Shortocode [search_affiliates_ajax] affiliate links now open in new window tab.
    • In new theme installs after Demo content import the “Main menu” automatically assign as Primary menu.
    • Minor fixes in various parts

    ver. 2.0.5


    • ACF updated to 5.7.8
    • When a custom breadcrumb review path is used the title of the link is also changing
    • Added missing translations
    • Responsive iframes (youtube) now work also in full width sections
    • Added Bootstrap CSS map to clear console notice
    • Fixed AMP notice for duplicate AMP component
    • Fixed two columns grid inconsistencies between templates
    • Button shortcode fixed styling when used inside paragraphs
    • A new filter is added “poka_add_attr_aff_link” for adding new attributes to affiliate links
    • A new settings tab is released under “Theme Options” for translations
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    ver. 2.0.6


    • ACF updated to 5.7.9 – (Almost perfect Gutenberg support)
    • Fixed translation bug in “Review” button in reviews archive for templates 1 & 5
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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