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    Jason Paradise

    One of my partners has asked that there is not a redirect attached to their link as it is messing with their tracking system.

    one of our partners is having an issue with the redirect. – is there any way to bypass it and make it a directly so there is no redirect when clicking the button?

    Please see the example below.

    When inspecting the link, it differs from our original tracking link, (our format is: vs ) it seems that you are using a redirection link which prevents our tracker to behave properly / breaks the tracking.

    Can I please kindly ask you to implement our link as it is? / is there any reason why you are using a redirection link?


    Hi Jason,

    The affiliate link redirect functionality is created because all of our clients prefer the affiliate links to be hidden from the users.
    I’m sorry but until now we didn’t have any issue with any affiliate links and there is no option to disable this functionality.
    This can be made only custom if you have experience with PHP because there are a lot of parts that needs changes…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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