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    Hi admin,

    I would like to do some changes on

    Pokatheme Featured Affiliates:

    The play now button fully width within the block + switch from top to bottom
    The review cta-text link to a button + switch from bottom to top
    And if possible please let connect as in my example showed above.

    PokaTheme Affiliates Table (style 4):

    For this I would like to replace the review button with the play button. And that is can change the color of both.

    Let me know what is possible. Help is very much appreciated. I can learn a lot from this again.



    Hi Tomas!

    1) About your 1st screenshot, you could do 2 things:
    – Overwrite the inc\templates\affiliates\featured-affiliate.php file and add the new button you want, inside your child theme (this requires some PHP knowledge)
    – Use CSS to style .single-affiliate-links so that it looks like the screenshot you sent to us.

    2) About your 2nd screenshot I understand that you refer to: PokaTheme Affiliates Table Style 4. You could switch the order of the buttons by applying the following CSS:

    .review-box--style3 .review-box-actions { flex-flow: column-reverse; }
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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