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    Felix Kuhlmann

    Hey guys,

    I noticed that pokatheme-r3.4.1 I have a quite strange categorie preview size of pictures. I am using “category style 1” because it looks really good for my purposes.

    In the following screenshot you can see the top 2 pictore previews have another size than the others. Its important to mention that all pictures I used have the excat dimensions!


    If I rightlick the image and open a new tab, its not using the original picture, instead something like “…krypto-bitcoin-360×188.png”

    This is only happening since pokatheme-r3.4.1, all other articles I made (see screenshot3) have the correct preview size and a with a rightclick on them, they are showing the correct and full picture I uploaded in my mediathek.


    And this is happening for all new articles I create, all articles before this update are working fine.

    Today I updaded to r3.4.7, but its still the same. I reupladed it, switched to a “working” preview picture. Its the same. I deleted the “krypto-bitcoin-360×188.png” file in the FTP server, still the same.

    I hope you can help me

    Best regards


    Hi Felix,

    The thumbnail size for the post images is 360px x 200px.
    Because this size is fixed if your image is in a different aspect ratio it is cropped to this exact size.
    So the key is to maintain a similar aspect ratio to your images. (really wide images like 300px x 80px will be cropped)
    You can upload bigger images and this size will be created automatically but if you upload smaller images from this size then again it won’t look good.

    Also a great tool to regenerate your images after the changes is:

    Regenerate Thumbnails

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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