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    Jenna Anderson


    Why do I have 2 review tabs, which one to use?



    If you have Poka Review Plugin activated you can disable it.
    In CasinoAce you don’t need the Poka Review plugin, CasinoAce from v2 and later has all the affiliate functionality built in.


    I have the same issue. I updated my CasinoAce theme to the latest version. All reviews were posted with Poka Review plugin. After update, all reviews stopped working. Is there any fast solution (i.e. to turn off built in reviews, and keep using Poka review plugin)? Otherwise I have to move all my reviews manually, which will take lots of time.


    Hi Roman,

    If you used to use Poka Review Plugin and all your reviews are added in the plugin then you can still use the plugin if you want.
    There is no automated way to transfer the data from the plugin to the theme except manually.
    You can use Poka Review Plugin + any theme but if you use PokaTheme,CasinoAce or any other of our themes we recommend to use them without the plugin because the plugin was built for themes that lack affiliate functionality.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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