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    I tried using Divi builder to edit the templates but it screws up the whole website the moment i try to use it and can’t find a way to fix it, What it essentially does is instead of the website being full width it pushes it to the middle and then it just looks bad, so i deleted Divi builder (i have built multiple website with divi)
    and im trying to find another front end editor i can use.. please assist on which one works best!
    Thank you in advance!


    Hi Mike!

    For best efficiency/optimization, we suggest using just Gutenberg, you can do a lot of things just using this.

    However, if you must use a builder, the builder that I think most people use with PokaTheme is Elementor, so you could maybe give it a shot.

    Also, if you must use Divi, this should also be compatible with PokaTheme. The situation you describe (everything in the middle and looks bad) may be because of some fatal error that is happening and the site “breaks”, so it would help us if you could send an email at with access to your site to enable Divi and see if there is actually and incompatibility with PokaTheme.

    Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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