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    Hi everyone,
    We migrated to PokaTheme about two months ago, and loving it! But we have a persistent issue. All our site used to in Posts (reviews), then when we migrated those to Affiliate Post type, we needed to remove the “review” slug or we would lose the incoming links. So I installed the “Remove CPT base” plugin as suggested in the forums, so that our /casino-review/ page would NOT turn into /review/casino-review/ That worked great. But I don’t know why some of our old URLs are not working for some of our reviews? Initially, I didn’t move the Post to Affiliate, but I created a new Affiliate Post, with another URL, then moved the contents, published it and then deleted the original Post entry, and then updated the URL on the Affiliate Review but this is where the 404 fails.
    I had, for example, a review in Posts called, but when I tried using this URL now as an Affiliate Post, it redirected to the homepage (404). I had to change the URL to /raging-bull-slots/ to get it to work but not even a redirecting tool like RankMath can make the original /raging-bull-sister-casinos/ redirect to the live /raging-bull-slots/.
    I’ve looked everywhere for an existing post, page, URL, and so on that has the same URL and causing the problem but nothing! I checked using MySQl and I can’t not see what’s causing this issue.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance, It’s really been driving me nuts


    I just want to add something that I just figured out:
    If I publish a new post with the original URL, for example /raging-bull-sister-casinos/ then the Redirect DOES work and redirect to the Affiliate Post with the new URL : /raging-bull-slots/ , even if I move the post to Draft, the redirection continues to work. I don’t understand the logic behind it, and I’d really like to have the Affiliate post have the original URL and eliminate the redirection altogether.
    I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this. thanks


    Hi Gilberto,

    Could you send us an email at with your site details?

    We need WordPress administrator username/password and FTP (or hosting) credentials if possible.

    This way it’ll be easier for us to investigate what’s wrong!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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