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    Hi guys,

    I’m using Hardypress, a static wordpress host. I’m trying to get the affiliate links to work on Currently they redirect to a review page on howtobuycrypto for some reason, instead of the affiliate link they are supposed to redirect to.

    Since the links work fine when WordPress is running, but not on the static site, I’m pretty sure that the reason they’re not working is because the 301 redirect folders need to be known by Hardypress crawler which generates the static site as per –

    Do you know which affiliate link plugin that Pokatheme uses please? That might help in figuring out which URLs to give to hardypress to generate the redirects. Any other help you can give to get them working would be much appreciated.




    Hi Richard!

    The affiliate redirect is done from the theme internally, so if Handypress creates a static version of the site then is normal that redirects to not work.
    Let me explain how the redirects work if is going to help you with Handypress.
    We use the redirect folder (“go” the default) and the redirect slug after the redirect folder. For example go/casinoslug.
    In page initialize if the redirect folder is available and the part after the /go/ exist as an affiliate link slug then the redirect is done with the affiliate URL.

    I hope you’ll find a workaround with Handypress to replicate the redirects functionality.



    I’ve tried using other 301 redirect plugins with Hardypress and they work fine by following this guide –

    As you say by giving Hardypress the URL – ie /go/slug

    But redirects still aren’t working with pokatheme, even though they are working with other redirect plugins. There must be something different about the way pokatheme handles redirects.

    Apart from go/slug are there any other folders which handle the redirect?




    There must be another folder where redirects are happening? That I can give to Hardypress to crawl.

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    If your site version is static and you created 301 redirects for these URLs I don’t know why these redirects don’t work.
    From what I understand your site is completely static and PokaTheme is used only for the generation of the HTML files.
    So I don’t think that has to do something with how you structured your redirects.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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