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    I am encountering an issue with the setup of affiliate links on my WordPress site. Specifically, when a user clicks on the “Play Now” button in our storefront, they are redirected to a URL formatted as follows:
    https://(domain name).com/go/(Affiliate key)
    However, upon redirection, users are met with a “Page Not Found” error message, displaying the following:
    “Oops! We couldn’t find the page that you’re looking for.
    Please check the address and try again.
    Error Code: 404”
    This issue is preventing users from accessing the intended destination through our affiliate links. I suspect there may be a misconfiguration or an issue with how the affiliate links are being processed or redirected.
    Could you please assist in resolving this matter? I would greatly appreciate any guidance or instructions you can provide to correct this issue with our affiliate link setup.
    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention and support.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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