Poka Review Plugin

The Ultimate WordPress Affiliate Reviews Plugin

Now you can have all the Affiliate options and features of PokaTheme, inside a standalone, WordPress plugin! You can use the Plugin with your own Themes or with any commercial Theme.

The demo of the plugin is using on of our custom themes but you can use any theme you want!

Demo Buy and Download - $38 Demo Features

Works with any Theme and Page Builder - version: 1.1.3 (05/09/2023)

Stop Losing Valuable Leads & Grow Your Affiliate Website with a Professional Affiliate Review Plugin


Live Shortcode Builder Tool

Building your shortcodes is now easier than ever, using this tool you can adjust all the parameters from a friendly User Interface and watch the output live. When you are satisfied with the results, you can take the automatically generated shortcode and use it wherever you want in the site.


Live Table List Builder

Create your table lists in real time using the new table list builder tool. Watch the table list change as you add/remove reviews, change styles and layouts. You can later add the tables wherever you want in the website.


Various Review Content Options

Choose from a big list of available content options, and enrich your reviews by adding carousels, lists, pros & cons lists, images and others. Choose from a big list of available content options, and enrich your reviews by adding carousels, lists, pros & cons lists, images and others.


Versatile Reviews System

Whether your affiliates are casinos, brokers or sportbetting bookies, you can fully customize the content and look of your reviews, choosing from different styles,types and sizes to achieve whichever layout you want.


Terms & Conditions

Poka Review Plugin has intergrated the terms and conditions functionality which is many times mandatory to affiliate websites. You can easily enable and display the terms inside reviews content or on review tables inside tooltips. User will see the tooltips once they hover the Terms And Conditions indication with their mouse.


Review Tables

Select from a given set of styles and sizes to match any table to any content. Your tables adjust automatically to mobile and tablet screens.

Other Features

Customize Everything

Choose color, font family, font size, elements radius etc to make your site unique.

Customizable CTA Text

All review buttons come with a preconfigured text but you can change them to suit your needs.

Structured Data

Poka review plugin is using structured data to allow search engines like google show the review data.

Full Documentation Provided

Learn how to set up the plugin quickly through the detailed documentation provided with the plugin files

Friendly and Organized UI

Create reviews using the beautiful Interface, that makes it easy for you to navigate through tabs, to the different content sections

Default Values

While you can change almost everything, this isn’t mandatory, you can stick to the default presets that exist when you activate the plugin, if that works for you.

WPML Support

Add translations and language specific pages to expand your website to different markets. Poka Review Plugin is compatible with the most popular multilanguage plugin for WordPress.

User Reviews

Make your visitors engage to your website by submitting their own reviews and ratings, via the WordPress comment system.

Gallery Option

Make your reviews more beautiful than ever by enabling the gallery slider which also opens the images in a full screen slideshow.

Front End Screenshots

Table List
Review Bonus Box Style 5
Review Bonus Box Style 1
Review Single Style 1
Review Single Style 5
Review Single Small
Tablelist Narrow
Tablelist Widget
Terms & Conditions

Back End Screenshots

Review main fields
Review Links
Review ratings
Review additional info
Review thumbnails
Review shortcode options
Shortcode live preview
Tablelist shortcode options
General Settings
Visual Settings
Text Settings
Terms & Conditions Settings

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