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    I installed polylang wordpress plugin to translate my main site to different languages.
    The website is
    The problem is that the top “Menus” in other languages other the main one is not visible. Or better only the mobile version of the menu is visible, so the result is really ugly on desktop version. On main language no problem, everything works correctly.
    No strange CSS on the page. I just use a CSS to hide the search bar but I already tried to remove it and no changes…

    Please give me an advice. Thank you.


    Hi Bryan,

    As I can see your issue is due to custom changes you made to CSS.
    You are adding the CSS for the menu like this: #menu-main-menu li a but as it seems Polylang is changing the ID name to : #menu-main-fr and the CSS don’t work.
    You should use classes instead or check if there is any option in Polylang to avoid this change of the menu ID.


    Thank you for replying.
    But I never added or changed CSS for the menu. Could it be another plugin? Is it possible to understand why it is happening?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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