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    Angel 35

    The child theme (pokatheme4) is not installed on VDS/VPS server, although the parent theme is installed. When trying to install, wordpress writes:

    Damaged Themes
    The following topics are established, however, are incomplete.

    PokaTheme Child There is no parent theme. Please install the parent theme “PokaTheme”

    And the theme is installed on a virtual local server (open server) without problems.

    Angel 35

    Perhaps this problem arose because of different names? In the archive with the installation of the child theme, in the style css file, in Template, the name of the theme is written with a capital letter – PokaTheme, and on the server the parent theme is installed in a folder with the name written in small letters – pokatheme (without capital letters).


    Hi Angelina,

    Sorry about that.
    Indeed there is a small bug with the child theme.
    You can wait for the next version that will fix the issue or just change the following line:

    In style.css of child theme change:
    Template: PokaTheme -> Template: pokatheme

    Angel 35

    Thanks for the answer!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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