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    If you are running a site with Poka v1 and you want to migrate to Poka v2 you have to follow a
    few steps for a successful migration.

    Although Poka v2 is a complete rewrite we have done our best to make the migration as easy
    as possible but some data may need update in your site after Poka v2 activation.

    After uploading and activating Poka v2 follow these steps:

    1. Install Regenerate Thumbnails ( )
      and goto Tools/Regenerate Thumbnails to resize your images to the new thumbnail
      sizes. Poka v2 uses bigger thumbnails in general and a bulk resize is suggested in order
      for your images to look good. Also it is suggested to use transparent png images for
      review logos in Poka v2.
    2. You have to manually update in all your reviews the field “Bonus promo title” with the
      appropriate text. In Poka v1 a similar field was “Bonus small”.
    3. In Poka v1 there was a field called “ Content top full width ” which was used for full
      width section in pages. In Poka v2 it is replaced with a dynamic field “ Full width
      sections ” in which you can create as many full width section you want. If you used
      “ Content top full width ” you have to transfer the content from these fields to the new
      field “ Full width sections ”. You can create a new full width section to the page you want
      and paste the content from the old field.
    4. If you used the Poka child theme with Poka v1 and now you also want to make changes
      to Poka v2 you have to use the new Poka v2 child theme and migrate the changes you
      made to the old child theme to the new as needed.
    5. For the Review single pages if you want to display the screenshots thumbnails you can
      use the shortcode [screenshots_carousel title=”Screenshots”] and place it anywhere in
      the review content you want.
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