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    Nick Sproule


    Recently purchased POKA and ForexOptions child theme.

    I have a few questions after searching the forums:

    1. [table_list num=”6″ sort=”date” logo_color_box=”true” show_table_sorting=”true” logo_aff_link=”true”] does not seem to display sorting options. It does however on table v2

    2. Where would I go to change one of the fields in the table? Example: I want to change Avg. Returns to something else.

    3. Where would I go to change the standard colour of the different rows other than the one available to change in theme settings? Weird that one can change and set the first row color but not the second?

    4. I see that /list/ is added before any review category. Can that be removed or changed to something else?

    5. I see that in each review category a table_list is added for brokers tagged in that category. How are the brokers sorted within that category by default? Can it be set manually?



    Hi Nick,

    Please find my answers below:

    1. The [table_list] doesn’t have the parameters you are passing, each shortcode has each own parameters. You can find all the available parameters for each shortcode in the documentation.
    2. You can change the titles of the tables by translating the string of the theme. A guide:
    3. Indeed this color can’t be changed by Theme Options, if you want you can add yours by adding the following in your Additional CSS:
    `.table-s1 .item:nth-child(2n+1) { background:#fff; }`
    4. You can check this guide:
    5. The taxonomy views for the Reviews like this : are sorted by date by default.
    Maybe you can add custom ordering with a plugin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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