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    Nick Sproule


    1. I’d just like to confirm if these are the only button options. One of them is not in the shortcodes.

    [button text=”Test” url=”https://#/” icon=”icon-poka icon-poka-solid-arrow-right” style=”icon-button”] (not in shortcodes)

    [btn href=”https://#”%5DTest%5B/btn%5D

    [affiliate_link id=”test” ]Test[/affiliate_link]

    3. What is the shortcode or code to add an icon from the theme library, as standalone?

    4. How does one use fontawesome icons that are not pulled in locally via the theme?



    Hi Nick,

    The options of the shortcodes are only the one you see in the documentation.

    So for the btn: [btn href=”#”]Button text[/btn]
    and [affiliate_link id=””]Button text[/affiliate_link]

    In the latest version of PokaTheme we completely removed FontAwesome as a library and we use our own Font library:

    Poka icon library

    If you want to show an icon inside the content you create an “i” element with the classes “icon-poka” and the class of the icon you want.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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