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    I am using a “read more” plugin and it uses a shortcode. I noticed that all the text I put within the “read more” within the REVIEW section has no bullet/numbered list because there is a CSS that changes the style.
    Using the dev tools available on chrome, I can see that there is always this: “list-style: none;” on that. Can you tell me why?

    Ah, just noticed that the same applies outside the shortcode on the normal text of the reviews…

    Please check this example at [url=]link[/url]. There is a “read more” almost at the top of the the page and I tried also on normal text.

    Thank you.


    Just a clarification: on normal text decimal bullet lists are transformed always in unordered circle list, so a bullet list can be seen. Nothing inside the read more.


    Hi Bryan,

    Because this is related with a different plugin we can’t offer specific guidelines regarding your task.
    As I can see you can just add custom CSS in order to make ul/ol look as you like!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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