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    Magne Langballe

    Hey, I bought the plugin, thinking that changing the Bonus promo title/Free spins promo text would be easily possible.

    I’ve now spent far too long trying to change the wording (as I’m not using the plugin for a casino site, so the text doesn’t apply), following this post:

    I’ve located and edited the fields in the US.po and re-uploaded the plugin with the updated language docs. The change however isn’t reflected on the site.

    Please advise, or optimally, update the plugin, making the text editable directly from the WP backend. I know this has been requested before.




    You need to upload the updated / en_US.po files to PokaTheme folder /languages/
    inside : /wp-content/languages/themes/ with filename : poka-en_US.po and poka-en_US.po.

    You should use the /wp-content/languages/themes/ folder if you want to update the theme in future versions more easily.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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