SportsBetting Documentation

Follow the instructions below to install and configure your PokaTheme!


In order to install, activate and use SportsBetting child theme, you first need to make sure Poka v3 Theme is already installed on your site. If not, follow the instructions provided in Poka v3 Documentation.




The zip you just downloaded contains all the files you are going to need, in detail:

  • SportsBetting child theme
  • Documentation
  • Demo content

Upload the file which is inside your main zip via the WordPress Admin Panel.
To do so, go to “Appearance” > “Themes” in the menu, then select the “Install Themes” tab at the top of the page. Once you are at this page, select “Upload,” then “Choose File” to locate the .zip folder on your computer and select “Install Now.”


Once you have installed the theme, you can go back to the “Themes” page in
the WordPress Admin Panel (“Appearance” > “Themes”) and select “Activate” SportsBetting child theme.

Importing demo content

If you want to enable one a demo content you have two options. You can either do it automatically or manually. We recommend the automatic option as it is the simplest and fastest, requiring a single plugin installation. Below you can find detailed instructions for both options:

Automatically (Recommended)

  • Activate SportsBetting child theme
  • Install and activate One Click Demo Import
  • Go to Appearance > Import Demo Data and click “Import Demo Data”


  • Activate SportsBetting child theme and locate in your zip the folder of the demo content
  • Import the content
    • Go to Tools > Import and Install WordPress Importer
    • Click “Run Importer”
    • Choose the .xml from your zip and click “Upload file and import”
    • Select your current user as the import author, check “Download and import file attachments” and click “Submit”
  • Import widgets
    • Install and activate Widget Importer & Exporter
    • Go to Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter
    • Choose the .wie from your zip and click “Import Widgets”


Contact form (optional)

Each demo contains a contact page with a contact form. If you wish to use this form BEFORE demo import you need to install Contact Form 7


After successful Content Importing

If you imported demo content you will notice that some new pages have been created. The one with the name Homepage has been set as your front page in wordpress options. This is the page you can use for the homepage of your site and you can customize it using all the available shortcodes.
If you haven’t imported demo content you can create your own page and then you can set it as “Frontpage” at Settings/Reading “Front page displays” and select “A static page”.

After importing demo content if there are any caching issues and you don’t see the updated styles you can try updating your visual styles manually from Theme Settings -> Visual Settings and click Update.


Additions and removals compared to Poka v3

Differences in Visual Settings

SportsBetting uses specific styling for header, reviews, review taxonomy and category, which means the following options were removed under “General” Tab:

  • Header Style
  • Review Style
  • Taxonomy Review Style
  • Category Style


Bet Tips

SportsBetting adds a new post type called Bet Tips.

Bet Tips custom fields

The affiliate link for the bet tip.

The affiliate link for the bet tip.

The odds of the bet.

The sponsor of the bet.

Starts at
When the bet starts.

Differences in Reviews

SportsBetting adds new fields for Reviews. Below you can find which Review fields were added or removed:

Added custom fields

Free bets promo text (replacing Free spins promo text from Poka v3)
The free bets promo for the reviews.


Removed custom fields

Because SportsBetting uses standard style for Reviews the following options were removed:

  • Review style



SportsBetting uses some additional shortcodes. Below you can find shortcodes that were removed, added or replaced:

Added shortcodes

[three_panels news=””]
The shortcode to use if you want to display a three panels news view.
news: The news you want to display. You shoud pass the IDs of the news separated by comma. Example: 12,23,33

[latest_bet_tips num=”” cat=”” title=”” two_cols=”” show_all_tips_button=”” pagination=””]
Use this shortcode to display the latest bet tips.
num: You can specify a category by it’s ID
title: The title for the latest bet tips (default: Latest Bet Tips)
two_cols: Set this true (default: false) if you want to display bet tips in two columns and fit in smaller areas.
show_all_tips_button: Set this false (default: true) if you want to hide “Show all tips” button
pagination: Set this true (default: false) if you want to display pagination

[bet_tips_sidebar num=”” cat=””]
Use this shortcode to display the latest bet tips on the sidebar.
num: The number of latest bet tips to display
cat: You can specify a category

[icon_block label=”” url=”” img=””]
Use this shortcode to create a text block with an optional image and/or link
label: The label of the block
url: Optional url if you want it to link somewhere
img: Optional icon for the block

[latest_videos num=”” title=”” cat=”” videos=”” small=””]
Use this shortcode to display the latest videos.
num: The number of latest videos to display (default: 5)
cat: You can specify a category
videos: You can choose specific videos to display
small: Set this to true (default: false) if you want to fit in smaller areas.

[bookmakers_table num=”” title=”” cat=”” sort=”” reviews=””]
Use this shortcode to display the bookmakers reviews.
num: The number of bookmakers you want to display (default: 10)
cat: You can specify a category
sort: You can choose how to sort the results ( rating | title | date )
reviews: You can choose specific reviews to display

[subscribe inline=””]
Use this shortcode to display a subscribe form.
inline: Set this to true (default: false) if you want to display an inline form.

Replaced shortcodes

[single_affiliate_freespins] replaced by [single_affiliate_freebets title=””]
A single bet view for your selected review.
title : The title of the Broker box you want to display.