Poka GEOLocation Plugin

The Ultimate WordPress GEOLocation Plugin

Poka GEOLocation plugin provides IP geolocation detection tools.
Built in integration with PokaTheme but also can be used with any other theme.

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Works with any Theme and Page Builder - version: 1.0.6 (05/10/2023)

GEOLocation plugin

Show location based content to your visitors

GEOLocation for any custom post types

GEOLocation for all of your post types

You can enable/disable the geolocation feature to any post types you have in your site and then you can control the visible content with the available shortcodes or show notifications to your users.

PokaTheme integration

PokaTheme integration

Combine GEOLocation plugin along with PokaTheme and make your table shortcodes and affiliate widgets show location based reviews.

Caching functionality included

Caching functionality included

Identifying user location for each page request can affect page loading time so we included caching functionality that you can enable and cache user location for browser session.

Location based notifications

Location based notifications

Display location based notifications to you users with a simple shortcode that can be used anywhere in the content and in any Custom Post Type you want.
Optionally you can display the country flag with a different message in each post.

Other Features

Customize Everything

Shortcodes based plugin and easily extendable with various hooks.

Full Documentation Provided

Learn how to set up the plugin quickly through the included detailed documentation and through "Usage" dashboard menu.

Friendly and Organized UI

Control the plugin settings through an easy and friendly UI and then in every post you will find a custom metabox to easily search and enable/disable the supported countries.

WPML Support

The plugin is fully translatable and compatible with WPML and is created with all the official WordPress guidelines.

Developer friendly

With many available actions/hooks and with great documentation it is very easy to create additional functionality and add support to your custom theme.


With various available shortcodes and settings it will be very easy to adjust it to your needs.


Table List with Geolocation
Geolocation notification shortcode
Plugin settings
Plugin shortcodes
Plugin functions
Plugin hooks
Plugin installation guide
Plugin integrations
Countries metabox inside post/page/etc

Not sure how it works? Test it on our free sandbox

Test any features and combinations you want on a completely free of charge demo account. Simply log in and start making changes.



Can I use it with any theme or only with PokaTheme?

The plugin works with any theme and any Custom Post Type. Because it uses shortcodes to hide/show content or show notifications, you can use it with any content editor.
The only difference is that we have built an integration with PokaTheme so that the affiliate tables or widgets can display allowed reviews based on user location.
Because the plugin is developer friendly you can create integrations with any other theme you are using.

Which Geolocation library the plugin is using?

The plugin use the free version of MaxMind GEOLite2 database.

The geolocation service is completely free?

Yes the service is completely free.
You just have to create a free account to MaxMind and get an API key in order to be able to update the database.

How accurate is user location?

The accuracy is depending on the country of the visitor.
You can see statistics of accuracy from MaxMind here.

How the geolocation database is updated?

The database can be updated manually or automatic through the plugin settings (WordPress cron job).

In how many sites I can use the plugin?

You can use the plugin on as many sites you want!